Build your own

The hardware is still under development. Our first prototypes had a few bugs and we're currently working on a fixed design. It is entirely feasible to build your own Most parts are readily available via online retailers.

The custom circuit board layout/schematics and enclosure design are available on our github.

Procure Materials

The following materials are needed to build your own device:

ESP8266: WeMos D1 mini development board, $2.50
LoRa Transceiver: HackRF RFM95W or Dorji DRF1276G, $6-7
Custom printed circuit board(PCB): ~180x120, 2 layer, 10ct, $5.00
Antenna: 900MHz Directional Antenna 5dBi, $3
Solar Panel: 6V, 3W, 120mAHL, $5-6
Lithium Ion Battery: 3.7V 3600mAh, $4
Battery charging circuit: CN3791, $1.50
Buck Converter: 3.3V step-down LM3671, $5
Enclosure: 3D printed, ~$5
Total: ~$40

Follow the User Guides to assemble the hardware and flash the firmware