Build your own

The hardware is still under development.

Our first prototypes had a few bugs and we're currently working on a fixed design. It is entirely feasible to build your own Most parts are readily available via online retailers.

The source code, custom circuit board layout schematics and enclosure design is all available on our github repo.

Procure Materials

The following materials are needed to build your own device:

ESP8266: WeMos D1 mini development board, $2.50
LoRa Transceiver: HackRF RFM95W or Dorji DRF1276G, $6-7
Custom printed circuit board(PCB): ~180x120, 2 layer, 10ct, $5.00
Antenna: 900MHz Directional Antenna 5dBi, $3
Solar Panel: 6V, 3W, 120mAHL, $5-6
Lithium Ion Battery: 3.7V 3600mAh, $4
Battery charging circuit: CN3791, $1.50
Buck Converter: 3.3V step-down LM3671, $5
Enclosure: 3D printed, ~$5
Total: ~$40

Follow the User Guides to assemble the hardware and flash the firmware