Learn about the firmware

The open source firmware for the disaster.radio utlizes the following technologies:

Arduino libraries

Written in C/C++, the firmware currently makes use of the Arduino libraries for the ESP32. Arduino was chosen for rapid development purposes and the quality of community support.

Serial Periphral Interface (SPI)

The LoRa chip (SX1276) communicates with the ESP32 microcontroller via SPI. This protocol requires only four general purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, leaving the rest free for the addition of other sensors or devices.

Asynchronous Web Sockets

The ESP32 acts as full web server that serves HTML web pages with CSS and JavaScript embedded. It also functions as a web sockets server that asynchronously transfers data between the microcontroller and the client web page.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

The ESP32 can operate in a low energy mode by turning off its WiFi antenna and using BLE instead. The disaster radio can then be accessed through our open source Android application, DisasterRadio BLE Chatbox.

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